What's Covered in the Training

  • Practice and Techniques of Meditation
  • Origins of Yoga
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Purpose of Yoga
  • Purpose of each Asana
  • Benefit of each Asana
  • Asana Practice
  • Hands-on Corrections
  • Jyotish Astrology as it relates to Yoga
  • Science of Ayurveda as it relates to Yoga
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Nutrition and Medicine
  • Emotional Processing through Asana
  • Relaxation
  • Teaching Methodology


The Six-Month Practicum is designed for students to build a deep, strong foundation for becoming a powerful Yoga teacher. Completion of this training provides students the ability to teach Synergy Yoga with Confidence and love.

Six-Month Practicum

Certification requires completion of the Six-Month Practicum. A Yoga Teaching Certificate will be awarded following completion of the Practicum program and final teaching evaluation by Peri and/or Charles and a senior teacher. Ongoing education is required to maintain certification.

Certifications Offered

Synergy Yoga offers certification at three levels. The standards for our teachers are very high and exceed the Yoga Alliance's standards.

Level 1 – Standard
Hours: 500
Six-Month Practicum
Pass Final Examination
Posture Clinic, Synergy Yoga Workshop

Level 2 – Apprenticeship
Hours: 1,000 (500 additional hours to Level 1)
Requires Completion of Level 1: Standard Certification
Intern Apprenticeship Program at the Synergy Yoga Center
Pass Final Examination
Available to non-local and international students by special permission and arrangement

Level 3 – Advanced
Hours: 3,000
Requires Completion of Level 2: Apprenticeship
Intern Apprenticeship Program at the Synergy Yoga Center
Pass Final Examination
Cost & Sign-up

Sign up for the Original Synergy Teacher Training Home Study Course PLUS Six-Month Practicum, Mid-term and Final Evaluation all for only $2,800. Teacher Training is an ongoing process at the Synergy Yoga Center – you may sign up immediately and in 180 days you can become a certified Synergy Yoga® Teacher with the highest level of instruction available.

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