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Peri Ness DeFay has created several Yoga instructional products based on her years of experience developing and teaching Synergy Yoga. Books, Audio and DVD classes instructing on the proper practice of Synergy Yoga are available both for beginner and advanced practitioners of Yoga, including children. Additionally, we are now offering automated astrology reports by master astrologer Ernst Wilhelm.

We accept payment by check. Please send your order and your check to Synergy Yoga, P.O. BOX 499, Point Arena, CA 95468. Thank you. We also accept PayPal: email your order for instructions.

Posture Flow DVDs and Downloadable Videos

** All Synergy Yoga DVDs (Synergy Original, Gentle, 20-Minute, and Pre-natal flows)
are ONLY available via digital download **

Bring Synergy Yoga home with you and maintain your practice in the convenience of your home with these Posture Flow videos taught by Peri Ness DeFay.

cover, 20-minute Flow DVD Synergy Yoga 20-minute Flow DVD
Bonus: *Synergy Basic Five Flow Video and Chart included (Extra video & chart)

cover, 20-minute Flow DVD Synergy Yoga Gentle Posture Flow DVD

Gentle Flow Yoga is ideal for beginners, the elderly, or those recuperating from illness or accidents.

Bonus: *Synergy Basic Five Flow Video and Chart included (Extra video & chart)

cover, 20-minute Flow DVD Synergy Yoga Original posture flow DVD
Bonus: *Synergy Basic Five Flow Video and Chart included (Extra video & chart)

(image to come) Posture Flow Charts

Peri’s Synergy Yoga flow charts are a handy way to help you memorize your routine and keep your focus during your Yoga practice.

(image to come) Synergy Yoga Pregnancy Posture Flow chart

(image to come) Synergy Yoga Gentle Posture Flow chart

(image to come) Synergy Yoga Original Posture Flow chart

(image to come) Synergy Yoga Lion/Smile/Eye Exercise chart

Books by Peri Ness Defay

Peri has written a few books covering the essentials of Synergy Yoga so that you can get started with proper Synergy Yoga instruction wherever you are, even if there are no Synergy instructors in your neighborhood. Also available are books to inspire children about Yoga and books on healing.

(image to come) Yoga: All You need to know about the Science of Happiness and Optimum Health

This book was written with the intention of demystifying yoga and conveying the simplicity of its true meaning. Following are many of the most common questions about yoga that have been asked of me over the years. My prayer is that this book will be helpful and inspiring to anyone interested in practicing the yogic lifestyle.


(image to come) Synergy Yoga Posture Flow study book

In response to requests from students, this book outlines the basics of the Synergy Yoga asana flow and some of the benefits for each pose. The intention of this book is to provide a simple outline of the Synergy Yoga approach and to be a handy reference for students. Following the Original Synergy Yoga Flow pages are abbreviated flows for those days that your schedule doesn’t allow practicing the complete version. Included here are: A 20-Minute Synergy Yoga Flow


(image to come) Hands-On Corrections for Yoga Teachers

These corrections are for the Synergy Yoga posture flow of Peri Ness DeFay. They are valuable for yoga teachers of any style, as they incorporate the most practiced yoga postures. Remember, these instructions are for yoga teachers only. Practitioners are invited to get the Synergy Yoga Posture Flow Book for detailed instructions of postures, alignment, and benefits.


cover, Kids Yoga Kids Yoga Coloring Book

Hands on appreciation of Yoga for Children!


(image to come) Kids Yoga Coloring Book in Spanish

(image to come) The Healing Power in your Hands - Scientific YOGA MUDRAS

26 Soul Qualities Charts

(image to come) 26 Soul Qualities – Card

(image to come) 26 Soul Qualities – Poster

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