The Original Synergy Yoga® Classes

The Synergy Yoga Center offers a dynamic and nurturing yoga workout that helps develop strength, flexibility, ooncentration, balance. and welt-being by working every organ, muscle, and system in the body. Classes are designed to accommodate all levels. We offer beginning (gentle), intermediate, original, and advanced yoga classes.

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Synergy Yoga Gentle is a one to one-hour-and-fifteen-minute relaxing workout in a non-heated studio. This flow is especially suited for beginners and those with injuries.

Synergy Yoga Intermediate Power Hour: 1-hour is a one to one-hour-and-fifteen-minute workout in a non-heated studio using only one set of the Synergy Yoga postures. This is an ideal transition opportunity for those practicing Gentle who would like to try the next level, or those with time constraints.

Synergy Hot Yoga Original is a one-and-one-half hour flow practiced in a heated studio. The class includes one hour of standing poses and a half hour of floor poses.

Synergy Hot Yoga 20 Minute Posture Flow is a quick flow, and incorporates a few additional postures as well. It is invigorating, dynamic and fun, and you feel like you've done a whole yoga class in 20 minutes.

Synergy Yoga Prenatal is a one to one-hour-and-fifteen-minute rejuvenating workout practiced with Gentle Synergy.

Synergy Yoga Advanced is a two-and-a-half-hour flow in a heated studio requiring one year of yoga practice or special permission. This class is offered by invitation only. Check with your teacher to see if you are ready in join this class. We encourage you to try the next level.

Synergy Yoga Silent Class is a deep, meditative Synergy Yoga experienoe designed for regular students practicing at the Synergy Yoga Center for three months or more.

Synergy Yoga Chair Posture Flow is a deeply healing and rejuvenating flow for those recovering from injury or chairbound. Yoga has incredible health benefits and this flow will improve your health.

Synergy Yoga Kids Flow is excellent for children ages 4-12. Helps improve concentration, balance energy and emotions and build confidence.

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For maximum health benefits, we recommend three times a week for minimum maintenance, five, six, or seven times a week for optimum benefits.

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