Spring 2023 News

A Mother’s Day Message from Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

In India we like to speak of God as Mother Divine, because a true mother is more tender and forgiving than a father. The mother is an expression of the unconditional love of God. Mothers were created by God to show us that He loves us with or without cause. Every woman is to me a representative of the Mother. I see the Cosmic Mother in all. That which I find most admirable in woman is her mother love.

“On this day we worship the Divine Mother of all souls, and also Her Presence as incarnated in the millions of earthly mothers. God as Divine Mother ever watches over Her human children, peeping through the caring hearts of all true mothers.” 

“God’s unconditional mercy is expressed in the mother. The mother’s instinctive love and forgiveness, no matter what her child has done, shows us that God will ultimately forgive the sins of all human beings. That is why I like to relate to God not as the grim Deity of some prophets, but as the Mother Divine waiting to forgive all and take them back after their freewill wanderings on the error-strewn pathways of incarnations.” 

“Today I offer my adoration to the Divine Mother, and to all mothers in whom I see the Divine Mother incarnated as the mother-creator of every human being.”

“This Mother’s Day is not only to commemorate the unconditional love of the mother, but also to see the One Universal Mother in the temple of all motherly hearts.”


The aspect of God that is active in creation; the shakti, or power, of the Transcendent Creator. Other terms for this aspect of Divinity are Aum, Shakti, Holy Ghost, Cosmic Intelligent Vibration, Nature or Prakriti. Also, the personal aspect of God embodying the love and compassionate qualities of a mother. The Hindu scriptures teach that God is both immanent and transcendent, personal and impersonal and may be sought as the Absolute; as one of the manifest eternal qualities, such as love, wisdom, bliss, light; in the form of an ishta (deity); or as Father, Mother, or Friend.